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Cafe Education

Educational Initiatives

Various initiatives are in place to help you make informed choices

Including information posters, sugar cube counts and healthy alternatives


Beau Sejour café is trying to help its customers by helping you make informed choices on the products you purchase.

We don't want to tell you that you can't have something if you want it after all its your choice.

We will though let you know how many sugar cubes are in a product or its calorie count. On some products we are carrying different sizes so that you could choose a smaller portion of your favourite drink.

With this information we can let you make an informed choice on the products you purchase and help us reduce how many sugar cubes we sell.

We are also trying to ruduce our single use plastic products. In 2018 we have moved to Paper straws meaning that we have reduced our plastics waste by over 25,000 straws a year. We have also moved to wooden cutlery saving over 10,000 items of plastic cutlery going into the waste.