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Disabled Access

This policy therefore is similar to the 'Reasonable Adjustment' required under the UK's Disability Discrimination Act although it is not intended to replicate the full requirements of the UK Act.

In addition to the provision of improved physical access, suitable signage and lighting etc, it is  recognised that some disabled people may require an essential companion to enable them to attend an event or participate in a particular activity.

In order to assist, the Department's policy is that any carer required by a disabled person will be admitted free to an event held on any of its properties where a full price ticket has been purchased from the Department. Fixed seating and other practicalities mean that desired seating arrangements are not always possible although every effort will be made to accommodate such requests.

The Disability Liaison Officer is Paulette Marquand, telephone 01481 747216.

There is more information regarding disabled access on the DisabledGo website, or for more information on the Culture and Leisure Departments' Disability policy, please scroll down and click on the link.